Anna + Nate | Backyard Michigan wedding | Milan Farm

Anna and Nate. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? I shall! Southeast Michigan summer is in full blaze.
And what a BEAUTIFUL Michigan summer's day it was. Full of hot hot sun and strong breezes that brought in a dark cooling storm and rainbows!
Welcome to Nate and Anna's beautiful backyard wedding on their farm in Milan, Mi.

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Adam + Leah | Backyard Michigan Wedding | Ypsilanti Freighthouse

Sometimes I think, “This is my job? Laughing and hanging out with amazing people and photographing their crazy beautiful moments?? Dang.” I’m so glad these two gingers met and that I got to meet them. Adam has a quiet confidence with a deep wisdom inside. Leah is the light of the world, welcoming and brightening the faces and hearts of every room she enters. Together they are… HILARIOUS. And sharp. And warm. And giving. I loved watching them love on each other and love on their friends and family.

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Chelsea + Levi : Rustic Barn Wedding : Ponderosa Ridge Ranch : Anderson, CA

Chelsea and Levi’s wedding was on October 7, 2016. More than two years ago! But I’m commemorating it because it holds a special place in my heart.
This day held some important firsts for me.

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Melissa + TJ : Petoskey, Michigan Wedding : Double K Estate

Melissa and TJ. Their kindness is only matched by their beautiful model faces. I seriously don’t know how these amazing people keep finding me in this huge internet sea, but I am so glad these two did. Their love for each other is quiet and sweet. If you spend any amount of time with them, you’ll see how deep it runs.

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Bridget + Ted : Belle Isle Boathouse : Detroit Wedding

Bridget Sullivan is an amazing dress designer in Detroit, and I couldn't WAIT to see the two dresses that she designed for her big day! BEAUTIFUL. She floated and twirled throughout the whole day with the grace, joy and carefree heart of a Disney princess! It was such a joy to be with Bridget and Ted on this touching day.

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